Applying for LTO Driver’s License in the Philippines

When travelling with your vehicle through out the country requires a Driver’s License. This piece of document is a must to bring when you are driving. It certifies that the driver is a capable for driving his or her vehicle. This a requirement of the Government to all who drives a vehicle and will shown to law enforcers such as Land Transportation Office (LTO) personnel or Police Officers of Philippine National Police (PNP) when they are conducting a checkpoint. But how to applying for LTO Driver’s License and what are the requirements for it.

Before applying for LTO Drive’s License, the applicant must be a minimum of 18 years old and 17 years old for Student Permit (SP). There are many categories for getting a license for driving a vehicle in the country and here as follows:

Benefits of having a license

LTO Application Form
LTO Application Form Sample

LTO Driver’s License is also one of the eligible Government ID’s which can be used to any government/private related transaction needing for personal authentication. Moreover, a holder of a active Driver’s License is more favorable comparing to a person with no Driver’s License when there is an unpredictable traffic accidents. And when this incident happen this will be up to the traffic investigation conducted by the Police Officers. They are the authorize persons to conduct follow up investigation and coordination when the case will be in prosecutor’s office or a higher court.

Student Permit

Student Permit
Student Permit Sample

This is the first requirement for applying LTO Driver’s License. This must be get before proceeding to a license. Requirement for this permit is a person who is physical and mentally fit with the age of 17 years old and above. Certifies that the person is capable for driving vehicle together with a Non-Professional Driver’s or a Professional Driver’s License holder. Government does not allow a SP holder to drive without the supervision of those person having a active Driver’s License and would still a violation against any official checkpoints conducted by the LTO Personnel or Police Officers. Here are some guides in order to get the SP. and its validity for the day of issuance is only One (1) year.

Non-Professional Driver’s License

Non-Professional Driver's License
Non-Professional Driver’s License Sample

The Non-Professional Drive’s License requires a One (1) month and One (1) day of SP validity from the day of issuance. This license is for person only driving their owned private vehicle. Holder of this license cannot be hired as a driver for any public utility vehicle or bus. They could violate if they drive a public utility vehicle using a Non-Professional Driver’s License. When you are going to drive your vehicle as soon as possible with complete papers, you can choose this kind of license and here is how to apply for Non-Professional Driver’s License.

Professional Driver’s License

This is the most valuable license that LTO will issue to any driver for a license. A holder of this license can be hired or employed to drive any public utility vehicle in the country. A SP with a minimum validity of Six (6) months and One (1) day from issuance is a prerequisite. If you have a Non-Professional Driver’s License already, it is possible to convert it to a Professional Driver’s License. This is the requirement process for Professional Drive’s License.

Restriction code and fees

Restriction Code

When applying for LTO Driver’s License, you should choose the restriction codes to apply also. This will classify what kind of vehicle you want to driver or what kind of vehicle you are actually driving. The codes also have corresponding test drive activity to accomplish for a practical exam. Here are the restriction codes when applying for LTO Driver’s License:

  • 1 – This refers to any person who want to driver only a motorcycle in any type of engine (Manual Transmission). In practical Driving, you must bring your own motorcycle or any motorcycle that is newly registered.
  • 2 – Refers to a Four (4) to Six (6) wheel vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 4500 kg. Most of this vehicle are Sedans, SUV’s, Van or Modern Manual Transmission Pick-up Trucks.
  • 3 – This code is for vehicle with Ten (10) wheels above. This is for heavy equipment and delivery trucks with a GVW above 4500 kg.
  • 4 – This is for vehicle with Automatic Transmission vehicles. Today there is a lot of vehicle with this type of transmission.
    a GVW of 4,500 kg .
  • 5- Also a code for Automatic Transmission Vehicle with a GVW above 4,500 kg.
  • 6 – A code for Articulated Vehicle with a GVW of 1,600 kg and below
  • 7- This code is also for Articulated Vehicle with a GVW of 1601 kg up to 4500 kg.
  • 8 – An Articulated Vehicle with GVW 4501 kg & above

Here are the fees for the licenses and student permit.


There are many procedures and process to go through when going for a license. It depends on what kind of license or permit you want to get. For first applicant for SP, must bring a Original Copy of PSA Birth Certificate or Marriage Contract for married. Non-Professional and Professional Driver’s License require the SP with minimum validity, Tax Identification Number (TIN), medical examinations and must pass the written examination.

And during the practical examination depending on the restriction code, must bring what kind of vehicle you indicated.

Tips during Practical Driving Examination

In order for assurance to pass the practical driving examination, if you have your own vehicle. It is more convenient that you must use because you are more well aware for the maneuvering and transmission control. You can also easily calculated the vehicle clearance when having a heavy traffic during the exam.

You will pay the fee for Card Release after you pass all the examination and now be a certified driver.

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