Court Clearance Requirements and tips here in the Philippines


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People who are seeking jobs are preparing basic documents that are set by the employer. Mostly in applying jobs, the basic requirement is Diploma or Transcript of Records. Other achievements such as awards and eligibilities are an add-on document to boost the credibility of the applicant. Government Certifications are also became one of the basic requirement such as but not limited to Police Clearance, NBI Clearance and Court Clearance. By the way what is a Court Clearance? Why employers need it?

A Court clearance is issued by the Metropolitan Trial Court (MTC) or by the Regional Trial Court (RTC). It may be required by an employer or by certain private or governmental institutions as assurance that the person cleared has no pending case before the courts here in the Philippines. It is required by employers because cases namely criminal or civil are filed in courts. In order to get this document, let us check what are the Court Clearance Requirements.

Court Clearance Requirements

This is the document need on how to get court clearance:

Police clearance

Please ensure the purpose of the Police Clearance which is for Court Clearance requirements

When asking for police clearance, please ensure that your information is correct and the purpose is for Court Clearance requirements. Many people get mistakes because the purpose of police clearance is not for court clearance. Police clearance nowadays have a distinct purpose to give and does not issue the “for any legal purposes”. Police Station Personnel will ask what do you want to do for the police clearance you are asking for. So the purpose of it must be specific and that clearance is only valid for that and cannot be used for other transaction.

Processing Court Clearance

After you have obtained your Police clearance, These are few steps you need do:

  1. Go to a Branch of Court where your place of residence is covered in its Area of Responsibility (AOR).
  2. Pay the amount of the Court Clearance.

Branch of Court

You should go to the Branch of Court where your residence belongs to

Issuance of Court Clearance is based on the applicants residence. The period of residence an applicant required is 6 months and over. This is also a requirement for Police Clearance. Police clearance cannot be issued for those living in a certain area for not about Six (6) months. For new transfer or migrated, you must wait in order to be issued as this is true for Barangay Clearance.

Court will look onto the residence if the applicant is covered by their Area of Responsibility (AOR). You cannot apply for court clearance to other area and only in the Branch of Court your place belongs to. Check here for the court locator.

Payment for Court Clearance

Before the Court Clearance is issued, you must pay the amount for it. Court has their own payment collector. There will be a remarks that it could be a no derogatory or with criminal case record that will be place in your court clearance.


The court will still issue you a clearance and it depends on the person that your court clearance will be submitted to. There is no need to be ashamed if you have a criminal record because it will be depending on your employer if he or she will accept you.

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