Do’s and dont’s while driving a vehicle


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When going from one place to another we are using our vehicle either you are driving it or someone else in your place. We drive directly our vehicle without knowing the do’s and dont’s while driving principles. Others don’t care about it as long as they can drive.

Guide on do’s and dont’s while driving the vehicle

Teenage drivers

Allowing a driver whose age is a minor and below 16 years old may lead to unpredictable traffic accident. Young people who don’t have a Student Permit (SP) of Land Transportation Office (LTO) are not aware of the traffic rules and regulations. They were easily intimated when there are many vehicles crossing along the road. So it is not advisable to let a minor and this one of the Do’s and dont’s while driving tips.

Untrained drivers

On the other hand, these type of people will cause more hassle and prone again to traffic accident as included in Do’s and dont’s when driving. These people are not well aware of traffic flow and regulations. The signs when to stop or go are not familiar to them and hesitating to cross the road or highway. They are more to commit illegal turn or overtaking when some other drivers may provoke them.

Must check before using your vehicle

1. Without brakes

Don’t forget to look for the brakes of your vehicle. Without a proper check-up these may lead to a certain accident.

2. Engine trouble

As well as check the engine, you must make habit of starting the engine of your vehicle before using it. Listen to its rhythm and if you fell something is off then bring it to a certified mechanic for maintenance check-up.

Don’t do this while driving

1. Texting while driving

This is one of the important do’s and don’ts while driving because it is recently considered one of the most reasons for the traffic accident. Drivers intend that they could manage to take the steering wheel while texting. You must avoid really of texting while driving because it will divide you attention. You might don’t know if someone is in a high speed driving traversing towards you or come from the behind overtaking. If you are not texting, you are well aware of the surrounding and could see what is coming your way of driving.

2. Over Speeding

Most of the parties involved in the traffic accident were minors and those who recently know how to drive. They were affected by their arrogance as if they own the road. When you drive your vehicle too fast, you can’t make an easily brake or avoid any unanticipated event such as animal, human or vehicle crossing the road. So if you value your life and life of others then you should do over speeding driving.

3. Premature Overtaking

Also another cause of vehicular accident that was included also on do’s and dont’s while driving. Other people while taking an overtaking procedure, they don’t use properly their signal lights indicating that they want to overtake the vehicle in front of them. Many people also use they signal lights when it is too close of the front vehicle that is why they are cases of sideswiping of the vehicle or even a person.

4. Improper turns

You must signal properly when you want to take a turn either on the left or right. With right signal of turn, the approaching vehicle from behind or in the front would notice you. This is also part of do’s and dont’s while driving in order to avoid an accident in the way.

5. Not using seat belt

When you are inside a vehicle you must wear the seat belt. It is a safety precaution in case an unpredictable event would happen along the road. It would prevent you from further damage if an accident takes place.

6. Eat Food while driving

Same as texting while driving, this error also divide your attention while driving. If you are hungry then you must stop your vehicle in the safe area and eat your food.

7. Driving in the wrong lane

Don’t do this while you are driving your vehicle. It is against the traffic rules and regulation and beside it will really lead to an accident. If you don’t know what lane you should take while driving it is better to stop for a while and observe other vehicle that crossing along the road.

Must be aware when already driving

1. Entering No Entry Sign

As a traffic rules, there are road uses traffic sign with “No Entry”. Either road is occupied, re-routing of flow or under construction. You must be aware of this to avoid penalty and as well as an accident.

2. No Proper Signage

Be aware of the road and the surrounding in case for those of rural areas. Some of the roads does not have any proper signage and vehicles may go and stop anytime the driver want. So watch the road and vehicle specially the signals of their vehicle.

3. Dark Road

Many streets and road does not have lights. Provinces and far flung areas don’t have street lights unlike in the city and urban places. You must take a slow driving and rely on the lights of your vehicle to avoid accident.

4. Deadly Curves

Not to mention this is one of the most reason found out in a traffic accident. Deadly or Blind curves is one that leads to traffic accident for those vehicle who traverse in an over speeding way. When you see a deadly curve please slow down because you don’t know what is coming on the opposite side. This must remembered while driving on a road trip.

5. Street Racing

When you see that this happens you must slow down your vehicle and don’t go after those drivers who are currently on street racing. Most popular of this is the drag racing. Many of drivers where caught by law enforcers because it is very dangerous and cause trouble to other drivers.

6. Falling debris

For mountainous areas, you must be aware of the surrounding against sudden falling of rocks or even landslides. This can cause extremely bad when you were hit by those.

7. Aggressive Driver

Look out for the vehicle who are moving too fast. These were driven by an aggressive driver who only thinking about themselves. When you come across with this one please slow down and avoid those vehicles for your safety.

8. Tire blow outs

Before driving your vehicle check the tire conditions. Fill it out with enough air or take out some when it is too much. Visit a mechanic if not sure for your tire condition. If something feels off when you are already driving, you should make a stop and check you vehicle.

9. Road obstruction

You must watch out for traffic sign or even blocks in the road. Slow down you vehicle to avoid collision. Road obstruction happen when something is in the road either construction or even another accident.

10. Slippery road

One of the many causes of traffic accident. This occur during rain or a poor road condition with leads to a vehicle to crash. Many slippery road are due to poor construction and even the type of land it contains somehow like with small pebbles or even sandy in nature. You must watch out for those kind of road in order to be safety.

You must not drive when

1. Driving under influence of liquor

Most prevalent reason of traffic accident is driving under the influence of liquor. No driver is expert when under the influence of intoxicating liquor. When drunk you will become arrogant and unaware of the surrounding as if you own the road.

2. Driving under influence of illegal drug

This is more extreme than that mentioned above. Influence of drug are more dangerous than under the influence of liquor. You must not take illegal drugs while driving or even when not driving. Illegal drug can destroy you life and as well as someone else life.

3. Drowsy driving

When you are experiencing a dizziness or being drowsy while driving please go to a safe place and stop your vehicle. You can take a nap or even sleep until your condition is good for driving. Many accident also happen with this kind of error and some leads to cause a person’s life.

4. Night driving

Although you cannot avoid driving on night time because of work shifts or business related events. You must ensure you are in good condition and ready to drive because night time are the most traffic accidents happen.


Do you experience one of those Do’s and dont’s while driving? If you had, please don’t repeat it and don’t forget to have a proper Driver’s License when driving.

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