Tips: Pass Civil Service Examination in PH


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Civil Service Commission

The commission is the central humanitarian agency of the government of the Philippines. It is responsible for handling government-related issues for most of the government employees in the country. It evaluate, formulate and administer qualified programs and retention of competent workforce. The commission is responsible for administering its qualifying examination for government employees. But how to pass civil service examination?

Takes adequate actions on all appointments and prescribes all forms for examinations, appointment, reports and such other forms as may be required by law. Many people are trying to get a civil service certificate but the questions is how to pass Civil Service Examination? what are the tips and techniques to use during the exam?

There are three (3) levels of eligibility and classified as:

  • First Level Eligibility– These is for First-Level Government Positions
  • Second Level Eligibility – these are for First and Second-Level Government
  • Special Skills Eligibility – Special Laws and CSC Issuance

Tips to pass Civil Service Examination

If you want to take the civil service examination, you must remember this tips and advises:


Tip 1. Learn continuously

This means you have to study continuously little by little. Don’t force yourself to grasp a vast knowledge within a day. You should not read a whole book or any educational references within a small period of time. Most mistakes taken by other people reading a hundred of books but they did not learn what they are reading. Even if it is a little at least it was grasped by your mind. Put into practice what you have learned everyday. Read with a minimum of 2-10 pages of informational references everyday before you go to sleep or during a vacant time.

Tip 2. Buy or Borrow an examination reviewer

You must refer a reviewer either it is latest or not. Although the questions from the reviewer does not comes out during the actual civil service examination but at least you can compare, differentiate and serves as a guide. It will also gives you hint what are the field of knowledge does the examination covers. Remember do not buy or borrow a reviewer whose letters or numbers are already encircled. Choose a reviewer with a separate answer key page and mostly in the back portion.

Tip 3. Take examination within a reviewer

When you can acquire a reviewer please do not look directly to the answer key. This is also wrong action takes by most of the reviewers when they receive it.

Here are tips on taking a reviewer:

  • Don’t look at the answer key.
  • Count the total number of questions within the reviewer.
  • Multiply the total number of questions by one (1) minute in order that you should take a question with a duration of one minute each.
  • Start taking examination provided by the time you have set.
  • Either finish or not you must stop answering. Do not cheat yourself and proceed answering even if it is time is up.
  • Evaluate your score if it reaches to 80% average. This is the average score for passing the examination.

Even if you fail in this dummy test it is ok and this is the time you can comprehend and learn. This method came for the purpose of “what if these are the questions in the real civil service examination? Maybe I failed or Pass”.

Tip 4. Enroll into a legitimate review centers with a high passing rate

If you are very serious, with a spare time and has enough budget you can take this suggestion. Instructors may gave you more hint and explains in detail the answers for most probable questions in the civil service examination. But if you can afford this you can review in a place in where you are very comfortable with.

During Examination

Tip 1. Prepare the materials needed

Keep intact your belongings specially the picture, pencil, ballpen, sharpener and others. You must bring an extra for all of those materials and please sharpen all the pencil you have. This will reduce the time when your pencil’s tip broke while shading. If you sharpen it again it will take time. Do not also forget the Notice of School Assignment provided by the commission. This will give you your school assignment specially the room and arrangement. Also bring your valid ID’s just in case of further confirmation.

Tip 2. Listen carefully to the examiner for further instructions

Do not ignore what the examiner told you to do. Many of the examiners failed because they do listen and very confident of themselves. It is good to be confident but not too much and sometimes the examiner sequence number and arrangement encounter a problem. This happens when the examiner fill up the portion not for his personal information and swap the order.

Tip 4. Calculate the total time given

Listen for the time given for the civil service examination. Divide it the total number of questions before answering and this will lead to how much time allotted for each question including the time when you are shading the answer.

Tip 5. Read the questions carefully

A lot of person failed this part because they make haste on answering and put a lot of pressure on themselves. Just relax and calm your mind while reading each question.

Tip 6. Shade the answer properly

Do it properly and not too much shade on each answer. Especially when you are doubt for your answer and later change to another option. This may affect the answering in time when the machine will read your civil service answer sheet .

Tip 7. Never shade the answer sheet without a question

When people are hurrying because of the time limit of the exam they shade the answer sheet even if it has no question. They think that they could get atleast got a one or two correct answer if they do this if they are lucky enough. These type of situation gives the examiner an advantage and when you do not shade the answer without a question it means it adds to your score. This is somehow a bonus to the examination. When you shade it then automatically it is wrong.

Tip 8. Proceed/Jump to another question if you doubt for answer

When not sure for the answer skip the question. Please proceed to the question that you are confident enough. It is not about skipping the questions but to make the use of time efficiently. After you have answered the questions you can go back to the unanswered questions and review then answer it.

Tip 9. Review for doubted answers

You can go back to the unfinished / Doubted questions you have encountered. Don’t panic and immediately submit your answer sheet. Please wait for the signal given by the examiner/proctor for the time ended. Avoid of being reckless and arrogant and try to keep calm and wait for time.

Tip 10. Lastly, smile and relax

Before and after the examination you must do this. It does not matter if you fail or pass the examination as long as you give your best shot and do not feel any regret. If you will not pass this time there will be always another time. You can always learn and differentiate what are the lacking.


The rate to pass civil service examination is to have an average of 80% and higher of the total score result. The categories where divided into Four (4) sections that will be all calculated to get the average.


Civil service exam benefits when you pass it is that you are now eligible for any government agency you wish to work with. That is why it is very important for those who want to enter government services to pass civil service examination.


What are the strategies and tips you want to improve? What aspect you want to level up in terms of skills and knowledge in order to pass civil service examination? The key is to continue study and learn in order to grow even more and hope these tips might help you in the future.

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