Paymaya Virtual Debit Card for Online Purchase

Online Shopping

Online shopping or purchasing is the most trending today because it is convenient for consumers in the Philippines. People nowadays prefer for online purchasing products and the payments they used are via Debit Card or Credit Card mostly. It is helpful for both consumers and sellers because the consumers can choose a variety of products from the sellers. It is an alternative way for consumers who could not go to the shopping centers and establishments. If transactions is successful the sellers will ship the products to the buyers.

There are payment methods depending on the online store or individual selling the products. Most popular of this is using a Debit Card or Credit Card for payment method. The common payment options are as follows: Debit Card or Credit Card, Paypal, Remittance Centers and Cash on Delivery (COD). The Cash on Delivery (COD) is not available by other online store because of the reason that other customers will not accept the shipped products and pay the fees. Other online shopping stores required the consumer to pay first the shipping fee before shipping the products to them in case they would not like the products they purchased online.

Payment Options

In terms of payment option, there is more of a problem if a consumer does not have any physical Debit Card or Credit Card. They could not purchase the product they want. Sometimes a consumer does not have any bank accounts and also other online store does not offer payments from the remittance centers. This scenario are often to the online store based on other countries or foreign countries, they prefer payment from Debit Card of Credit Card or through a Paypal account.

Virtual Debit Card

The good thing about it is that there is now a Virtual Debit Card. By the way what is a Virtual Debit Card anyway? What and How it could be used? Most of the people might have a question about it. Lets talk about what is a Virtual. A Virtual is a process of digitally/electronically produce objects or can we say that it is intangible thing. It is the opposite of physical in which a person can hold/touch it directly. The Virtual Debit Card can be use as the same as having a physical Debit Card because it generates the Virtual Debit Card Number and the Security Code as well as its expiration date.

There is a company offer a Virtual Debit Card even if you do not have any bank accounts. There Virtual Debit Card are basing only on the mobile or cellphone number of the subscriber. The name of the company offering the Virtual Debit Card is Paymaya.


In order to use the Paymaya Virtual Debit Card, the subscriber must have a smartphone and have a mobile number. Then the user must first download the app on App Store for Apple IOS and Google Playstore for Android phones. After installing the app, the user can set up there account using there number. The mobile number is also for loading an amount to your Paymaya Account. There are many Remittance Centers that supports for transferring money to your Paymaya Account and one of these is the Palawan Pawnshop. This remittance center has many branches all of the Philippines and with International Partners world wide.

Paymaya Virtual VISA Card

The subscriber must first load or transfer money to their Paymaya account. The app will display the transactions happened using the account. Other than purchasing online using the Paymaya Virtual Debit Card, this app also can buy load or can load to other numbers with such ease and discounts. Sometimes it reward the for using the product/app in purchasing online. With these app, consumer can pay online without having any physical Debit Card or Credit Card. They would just have a smartphone, download and install the app and load an amount to the account to used for online purchasing.

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