Privacy Policy

The goal of this site is to share valuable information about everyday life questions, tips on a certain topics, guides on basic work requirements and latest trends and products. We don’t share any personal information of our users and visitors and as it was stated here in privacy policy. Our content is also guided by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Policies.

Data that we collect


When a user puts a message or comments into the topics we post, they may provide their name and email address.

Contact forms

As shown in our contact us page, concerns you wrote in the text paragraph is confidential and not to be published. Everything you write is within our discretion and decision for approval.


If you have made a comment, your log-in details will be saved. The “Remember me” check box will let you log-in automatically when you want to comment again.

Links from other websites

We also have links from other website who are found useful. The links are embedded on our post and pages for further references. Privacy Policy of other site is not connected or being used by this site.

How long we retain your data

We at Techcollaborator store your data as long as the website still running. Please let us know if you want to delete or erase your comment and data. We will gladly help you and respect your decision if you want not to be part anymore.