Requirements for Police Clearance in the Philippines

Police Clearance

Police Clearance
Police Clearance Sample

The Philippine National Police is only the authorized agency to issued this clearance. There are many uses of this clearance depending on what agencies are requiring it. Many people are asking on how or what are the requirements for Police Clearance in the Philippines.

Uses of Police Clearances

There are many uses of police clearance through out the country. These clearance helps the other people to determine if a certain person has any criminal liability in order to avoid any unnecessary events. Here are some of the Government Agencies and Non-Government Organization (NGO) that needs this clearance:

National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)

Other than companies and private institutions, most of other government agencies here are requiring for it. The National Bureau of Investigation requires a police clearance if the person cannot present Two (2) valid ID issued for applying for NBI Clearance.

Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)

The Philippines Statistics Authority (PSA) former National Statistics Office (NSO) are needing a police clearance when somebody want to apply for a change in their incorrect PSA Documents such as but not limited to Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate and others. Courts also need the police clearance for issuing their court clearances.

Land Transportation Office (LTO)

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) requires the police clearance when somebody apply for a new Driver’s License or a Student’s Permit (SP). They check if a certain person has a criminal record special in Vehicular-Related Incidents. They investigate the crime committed for their record purposes and future reference. Depending on the examination and their discretion, a certain person can get their desired Driver’s License or Student Permits.

Department of Education (DepEd)

Department of Education (DepED) require police clearance mostly for document processing of newly appointed Teachers. The police clearance also is requirement for apply for a court clearance. Others use it for changing their documents status specially in Civil Status from Single to Married and the like.

Banks and other Financial Institutions

Banks and other financial institutions already requiring the police clearance for a specific transaction. Mostly when opening a new bank account or applying for a loan. These institutions check the credibility of the person who want to apply for loan.

Malls and Shopping Centers

They require police clearance from their new applicants and their old employees. They look into the clearance in order to know the criminal liability of their employees. Most of the crimes happened in these establishment are Theft and Robbery. So in order to avoid discrepancies on their inventory of products. They avoid hiring people with a previous criminal record but not all establishment are implementing this idea. They used the clearance for more Background Investigation (BI) of the said person.

What to bring for applying a police clearance

By the way what are the requirements of police clearance in the Philippines? What is the first thing to do on how to get it? These are the following requirement you must bring

1. Community Tax Certificate

Community Tax Certificate
Community Tax Certificate Sample

The Community Tax Certificate can be acquire through your Barangay and town/city in which you live. This document contains the personal information including your Full name, Address, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Height, Weight and others information. The payment of the Community Tax Certificate depends merely on what is your job/occupation salary annually. These may also vary from a student to a professional person.

2. Barangay Clearance

Barangay Clearance
Barangay Clearance Sample

It is a requirement for Police Clearance in such manner that the person is not liable for any crimes committed in the area. The Police Station Personnel check it in order to know if there is/are pending case/s in the Barangay Level in which it need to be addressed by a certain people. It is duly signed by the Barangay Secretary and Captain to attest that the information of the said person therein. Don’t bring a the clearance with no signature from those people because the Police Station Personnel will not accept it. The person should at least Six (6) Months resident of the said Barangay in order to be qualified.

2. PSA Birth/Marriage Certificate or Any Government Issued IDs with Date of Birth and Place of Birth

PSA Birth Certificate
PSA Birth Certificate Sample
Voter's ID
COMELEC Voter’s ID Sample

These documents are also vital to the Police Station Personnel in order to counter check the information written in the Community Tax Certificate. Others are not appropriately filling the exact data in the certificate. Mostly it may vary the Place and Date of Birth and somehow the spelling of the name.

3. Recent Photograph (2×2 ID Picture)

2x2 ID Picture
2×2 ID Picture Sample

Some of the Police Station are requiring a recent 6 month picture from the client. The photo is attach in the clearance during the issuance. Other Police Station does not require ID Picture since they have a camera in their office. In order to avoid a hassle-free transaction, you must surely bring a ID Picture.

4. Payment for the Police Clearance

The fee for the Police Clearance may vary from different police station nationwide. It is either pay it in the police station and other in the Municipal where the station is located. The validity of the police clearance is also different depending on the Police Station you applied for police clearance.

These are the following requirements for Police Clearance in the Philippines. This clearance is important also when you are travelling so be sure to secure one.

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