Guide: LTO Student Permit License in PH


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Driving prerequisites

We used our vehicle to travel from one place to another. It is more convenient when we used our own vehicle or borrowing from friends. Either we drove a small and large vehicle here in Philippines, we are required to have proper Drivers license from Land Transportation Office (LTO). Benefit of having a Driver’s License is not only that it is one of the valid Government issued ID but also certifies you that you are well aware of the traffic rules here in the Philippines. Before we could get a proper Drivers License the first step is to get LTO Student Permit License.

Able to understand the flow of the road and traffic sign would avoid you from penalties and the most of all are Traffic Accidents. It became the most prevalent than the other crimes that such would result to damage to properties, a serious physical injuries and even to fatality. Although we do not expect for accidents but understanding traffic rules would keep you away from those accidents that is why a license is very important.

License for Driving

For first time drivers who want to obtain Driver’s Licence cannot go and get it. This is the first step and its validity from the date of issuance plays a big role. This is how to get Student Permit License:

Who can avail the Student Permit

  • Any person residing in the Philippines who is not below 16 years old
  • A holder of Driver’s License that already expired for 10 years and beyond

LTO Student Permit requirements

  • Original PSA (Philippine Statistics Office) Birth Certificate
  • Original PSA Marriage Certificate(only for married)
  • Parent/Guardian consent for minors which is duly notarized with a valid Government issued ID with signature of the Parent/Guardian
  • For foreigners, original and photocopy of Passport with minimum of (1) month entry date and minimum of one (1) year visa from application.
  • Taxpayers Identification Number (TIN)
  • Police Clearance

License processing for Student Permit

Step 1. Fill up the Driver’s License Application

Write correctly the application form and you must review it to avoid more complication in the issuance. Submit also a Photocopy of your PSA Birth Certificate/Marriage Contract if married and keep the Original Copy just in case for validation.

Step 2. Wait for photograph and signature taking

The Land Transportation Office(LTO) staff will review and encode your data into their system. You will wait for the time for picture taking and signature.

Step 3. Go to the cashier area and pay the necessary fees

The staff will guide you where you pay the fees for Student Permit

Step 4. Take the Student Permit and its Original Receipt

You will now have the Student Permit with Original Receipt, please keep these two while driving so that you could present it during checkpoints. Student Permit expiration date is one (1) year from the date of its issuance.


In order turn your Student Permit to Professional Drivers License it must have Six (5) months and One (1) day from the date of its issuance. As for Student Permit to Non-Professional Drivers License it must have One (1) month and One (1) day from the date of its issuance. Do you have a Student Permit License from LTO? If you don’t, please secure one before you attempt to drive any Land vehicle in the Philippines.

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