5 Effective tips for Teachers Ranking in the Philippines


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Teachers Ranking is a process that every Licensed Teacher will undergo in order to teach Public Schools here in the Philippines. Teaching is one of the noble professions in the world. No one will become what they are today without the help of Teachers. Teachers have a lot of responsibilities and tasks to handle in terms for the goodness of the students. One of those is to guide, correct and teach the children to become a better person in the future.


  1. Licensure Examination for Teacher (LET) Result
  2. Police Clearance
  3. Court Clearance

Advantageous factors that affect Teachers Ranking

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  1. Rating on Licensure Examination for Teacher (LET) Result – Good Rating will add more points. Those with higher LET Result have bigger points than those who does not. It does not mean that those who barely passed the LET does not mean they could not perform well. Wisdom and Knowledge does not based on certifications but the actions display and assessment of every situation.
  2. General Average of the Academic Record – It is also advantageous who have greater average grades on the Transcript of Records. This means you are really studying very hard and love what you are doing. Do not be discourage if you barely passed the average grade because lessons are pounded in one’s intelligence not on the documents. So show what you have learned and display your teaching skills.


  1. Certifications – These are the certifications related to your work and participation from school events.
  2. Accomplishments – School and academic ratings attained by your students by participating school events.
  3. Graduate Studies – Diploma that you have undergone graduate studies that it could be Masteral or Doctorate Degree. This will give boost your credibility and reliability to be promoted to higher positions.
  4. Awards – As mentioned above, these are the token of achievements that you have received. Keep and compile it for future references.

Here are the 5 effective tips that might help you in Teachers Ranking process

Don’t be consumed by fear and doubts. Be yourself because everyone has their own way of doing things.

Tip 1. Never doubt yourself

Keep going and trust your demonstration and answers. Put all your knowledge and wisdom and the things you have learned during your practice teach and in the school. Doubting yourself does not give you any good outcome and it will distract your concentration. So before the Teachers Ranking, erase your doubts and fears. Be yourself and don’t forget to display a happy attitude.

Tip 2. Do your very best

Teach as if your life is depending on it. Exert more effort on emphasizing lessons. Convey messages to the listeners with loud voice. Take some preparations for the things you needed during the demonstration.

Tip 3. Showcase your teaching ability to the committee

Display dedicated teaching that committee will remember your name. An exemplary actions on the things you discuss by referring to more and more related resources. Don’t forget to acknowledge authors of quotes and phrases you used. It is important to mentioned those names of authors rather than making it on your own. Make yourself valuable by the way you discuss and handle things.

Tip 4. Have self-confidence

Dress well and stand high during the teachers ranking. Confidence will bring you more attractiveness and reliability. Don’t fear what the other people will say to you just do it on your own way. Just remember you will not do an out of boundary actions.

Tip 5. Study more before Teachers Ranking

Don’t forget to read more topics not just related to what you are going to demonstrate but also other helpful things. The interview point just not only related to the topic you demonstrate but also the circumstances and real life situation that in the future you will be experiencing.


There are many circumstances and practical questions during the demonstrations and interview. It is more advantage to ask to the fellow Public School Teacher who have done Teachers Ranking Evaluation. In order to wrap things up, what tip that you must be focused on? what are the areas that you want to improve? Well it is only up to you and depending on what you have learned so far.

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