7 Things to remember when travelling to unfamiliar place


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People love to travel around the world. Be it to discover new places or want to view extraordinary tourist spots. Travel to different kinds of places either those popular one or those isolated and yet undiscovered. Although we have our own interest in travelling but eventually we forget what are things to remember when travelling to unfamiliar place? What should we prepare before travelling?

Preparations for travelling to unfamiliar place

Tip 1: Search on the Internet of the place you want to travel

Review the place where you want to go through online search. Consider the trip and mode of transportation to get there. How long does it takes to be there and what are the safest route to be taken. The availability of transportation and its fare. The nearest hotels, apartments and houses that you might be able to stay.

Tip 2: Check the tradition and culture of the people living

When your travelling to unfamiliar place, you should observe what kind of culture and tradition of the people. Their manner and gestures on how to interact with others. Common language they used to communicate. Mode of payment they usually accepted. By knowing this, you can avoid hassle and trouble and you will look friendly to them.

Tip 3: Evaluate if the area is peaceful

You must consider what are the situation of the area. Check for the most prevalent crimes happened in that area. Determine and assess if that area is peaceful for travelling and living. If the area have more conflict occur then you must not proceed to that area. Prioritize your safety before anything else because you don’t know what will happen every now and then.

Tip 4. Be aware on sanitation and health issues

Some places don’t have a proper sanitation area and also other have infected with deadly diseases. Watch news about the health issues on that particular area. There are some diseases that can be transferred without having contact with the carrier in a specific range. Bring disinfectants and face masks and prioritize your health before it becomes too late.

Tip 5: Provide spare items for communication

Bring available spare of your communication items such as Smartphone and charger, Power Banks and Prepaid Loads.There were will be a situation that your phone will be out of battery and your load for internet and calls will be all consumed. Spare items will help you temporarily when communicating others.

Tip 6: Save enough money for your expenses

You should prepare more enough when travelling to unfamiliar places. Be sure to hold cash money and not to be more dependent on your Debit and Credit Card. Other places don’t accept using cards and other third party apps. Many places also don’t have an Automated Teller Machines (ATM) that you can withdraw your money. Even if they have there are instances that other card will not be accepted.

Tip 7: Do not wear luxury items

Avoid displaying luxury goods in crowded places

The tendency of wearing expensive items is that you will have a greater percentage of being rob. We cannot ensure our safety when travelling to unfamiliar place since we do not know the people living in that area. The more expensive items you have the more attention you will received specially those of robbers.

Here are some items that you may not wear when travelling to unfamiliar place.

  • Necklaces
  • Pendants
  • Rings
  • Bracelets
  • Other items that could sold in an higher value

It does not mean that you could not wear these items but be sure you are aware of the people that surrounds you.

Tip 6: Bring a first-aid kit

Safety is the first thing you must consider when travelling to unfamiliar place. You cannot predict what will happen while you are on your way. Accidents happens all the time specially those vehicular accidents. There will be situation were the road is congested and have heavy traffic.


So what would you check out when travelling to unfamiliar place? What are the things you must prioritize? I hope this might help on your adventures.

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